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Rooftop Solar

Turnkey Rooftop Solar Services

Rooftop is the future of solar.

India has set a very ambitious target for rooftop solar and with NET Metering coming into effect, the parity has been reached by more than 6 states. Governments are pushing the policies ahead in other states as well and solar rooftop is poised to grow exponentially. With solar roof top there are multiple benefits available like no land requirement, government subsidies, tax benefits & zero runing costs. Negligible transmission losses savings add on top of returns.

How it Works

We believe in keeping things simple. We have a straight forward 2 step processes to deliver :

Step 1: Call us or send a request through our website

Step 2: Team Varchasva will get in touch with you to analyse your requirment and will guide you with the best possible solution

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Roof tops can essentially be off two types


The roof owner can partly or wholly own the system. Under various agreement types, the rooftop owner agrees to utilize the energy generated through the solar power plant system into his own personal/commercial use. This ensures reduced electricity bill and the cost of investment is covered in the early stages.


The roof owner can also agrees to sell the energy generated on his rooftop to the local energy utility provider. For this, power purchase agreements are made and payments are made to the electricity generator based on the REC credits (no of units of electricity fed into the utility).