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Varchasva energy is well equipped with qualified energy professionals with a collective experiecnce of over 10 years. We are a team of solar enthusiasts with technological innovations underlining the foucs on quality services and all round support.

Rooftop Solar

Go solar with Varchasva & generate clean electricty on your own roof. Use as much as you generate and discharge suplus back into the grid to earn more on top of your savings.

Development of Solar Farms

We have capabilities to develop Solar farm across India where a investor can opt from a any capacity and reap the benefits of investing in a solar farm.

Solar EPC Projects

Varchasva is a developer of Solar PV Power Plants. We undertake the complete responsiblity of the project from concept design, approvals, agreements & commissioning.

Operation and Maintenance

Varchasva is a one of the leaders in Operation & Maintenance services of solar power plants. With a team of aurthorized and qualified professionals, we lead solar plants to higher generation.

Quality Work. Great Service.