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  • Invest in residential solar
    10 signs you should invest in residential solar
    The world has reached a point where renewable sources of energy have caught up to the traditional sources of energy. We have the technology and all the reasons to reach out and make a difference. Although solar energy has been a part of the industrial sector for the past decade or so, it has slowly crawled into the residential sector as well.
  • Renewable Energy sources
    How will Renewable Energy sources will meet electricity demands in 2017?
    In November 2016, India emerged as a major player by earning third place in the list of biggest power sector after China and US. In fact, the country is on the right track by installing more than 10GW of renewable per year from 2017. The three major areas, large-scale renewable, rooftop solar and off-grid sectors have shown an impressive growth in the recent years.
  • Solar Energy
    Solution to every energy problem we will face in future – Solar Energy
    Non- conventional sources of energy are the future of energy consumption in the world. The energy crisis is one of the major problems of the world and under these circumstances the only hope for the future are renewable sources of energy.
  • Solar Energy Savings
    How investing in solar energy increases your home's worth
    Solar energy is the next big thing. We've found brilliant ways of harnessing the energy of our sun, refining the process over the years. In the recent past solar energy have become one of the major alternatives to conventional energy sources and diversified its applicability to various sectors. We have moved from a commercial only approach to sustainable and reliable residential solar energy solutions.
  • Rooftop Solar
    Preparing Your Home for Rooftop Solar Panels
    Solar energy is the solution to the deal with the energy crisis in the future. It saw a rapid growth in 2015, with an increase by a third. In one of the studies it was stated that the cost to install solar has dropped by more than 60% over the last 10 years, leading the industry to expand into new markets and deploy thousands of systems nationwide.