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Solar Energy

Solution to every energy problem we will face in future – Solar Energy

Non- conventional sources of energy are the future of energy consumption in the world. The energy crisis is one of the major problems of the world; and under these circumstances the only hope for the future are renewable sources of energy.

Solar energy is at the helm of renewable sources and is being taken seriously by every country to meet their power demands. Indian Government has approved many ambitious projects to boost India’s solar sector. Currently India has the capacity to generate solar power of 4 GW with future targets of 100 GW of solar power generation by 2022 and making it into a $100 billion investment. These investments by Indian Government are well planned and researched, thus showing us that solar energy is the future energy source to believe in.

Less Pollution

The problem with fossil fuels is that even though it generates power of high magnitude, it also causes a high degree of pollution in the environment. Solar energy does not require any fossil fuel to produce energy and there is no emission of hazardous gasses or harmful radioactive waste to come by with it.

With the harmful emissions caused by using conventional fuels, the ozone layer is at a danger of getting depleted, which would lead to so many of problems for the entire humanity. But by switching to solar energy solutions we can significantly contribute towards reducing these effects and ensure reduced CO2 emmissions thereby contributing to a strong and safe ozone layer. With reduced carbon footprint and switching to clean energy source, solar energy solutions help us in maintaining the healthy balance in the environment for the better future.

Availability, abundance and the best solution to current energy crisis

The fossil fuels we use for our generating of our electricity are not in abundance and have caused a major energy crisis, especially in India where many of the remote places still go through the tedious task of daily power cuts. Even a well-developed town or city sometimes has weekly power cuts, but with solar energy coming into the picture the issue of the availability of energy source for current and future needs has been resolved as solar energy is found in abundance.

Solar energy solutions such as ground mounted or on the rooftop can be used for both home and business, making a family or a company energy self-sufficient rather than relying on the outside suppliers for energy needs, whether in towns or small villages. Every individual or a company generating up its own electricity by using solar energy, would make our future cleaner environmentally friendly; solving some of the problems of the energy crisis in the world.

Profitable and a Money Saver

The costs of bills paid for electricity is always on the rise. Over the course of time, energy has become a basic necessity and without which we can hardly perform any work. The decrease in the availability of conventional source of energy has resulted in energy cost going higher and out of the reach of common man. The ever growing scarcity of energy cause a great hindrance in our daily life, but that can be solved by using the solar energy to its full potential.

The one thing which is as transparent as water is the amount of savings with the use of solar panels is really good. Solar Energy is in abundance and free of cost to us, the only thing we need to do is start using solar energy solutions for our energy needs. The initial cost of installation might be little on the upper side, but over its energy generating capacity lifetime, one can easily save a lot of money and always be self-sufficient when it comes to energy.


The world today is going through an energy crisis, especially in India where the demand is huge but the supply is less comparatively. India has 18% of world population but still it only uses 6% of the primary energy of the world, this shows the shortage of energy in the country. Solar energy solutions become the best option available to mankind to come out of this situation as it is in abundance and overall the annual bills of energy have become cheaper than many conventional sources of energy.

A large population in India could not afford the cost of energy with high rates, but with solar energy solutions becoming increasingly affordable and highly efficient, has prompted many to consider it as a serious option for all their energy needs. The performance of different types of solar power plants in India is going in a positive direction year after year. The future will be shaped and created anew with homes and businesses meeting its energy demands from solar energy solutions.

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