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Rooftop Solar

Preparing Your Home for Rooftop Solar Panels

Solar energy is the solution to the deal with the energy crisis in the future. It saw a rapid growth in 2015, with an increase by a third.

In one of the studies it was stated that the cost to install solar has dropped by more than 60% over the last 10 years, leading the industry to expand into new markets and deploy thousands of systems nationwide.

It is difficult to accurately estimate the potential for Rooftop Photovoltaic Solar panels in India, recent estimates indicate a potential in the range of 20 GW to 100 GW. Getting solar as your prime source of energy is not only the smart decision, but also a better option. One cannot deny the fact that it saves a lot of money, lowers the carbon footprint and it helps us to shape the future in a more positive way.

Getting residential solar solution for your home is not at all a hectic procedure and to add to that the benefits it carries it with, are many. The solar energy is in abundance and free of charge, the only thing you have to invest is on a solar energy solution. Before making your home powered by solar energy, one has to prepare it for the same.


Sorting out the location for the installation of solar panels is the most important thing if one is planning to install a solar power plant in his/her residential area. There are two options to place the solar panels; one is on a piece of empty land, also known as grounded mounted installations and other on the roof of the house, also known as solar rooftop installations. A better option proven is the one kept on the roof, as it directly collects the solar energy and it is at a certain height, thereby ensuring sunlight being available for more time during the day for energy generation.


Direction, in which the solar panel will face, is another important preparation for the people who want to install solar panels. There are not many options to select while deciding the direction, as the maximum generation of solar energy takes place when the solar panels are facing southeast or southwest. Wherever one installs the solar panel, it becomes mandatory to choose such a place where there is no obstruction from south direction.

Clearing Obstruction

Clear as many obstructions as possible around the area where the solar panel is to be installed, like trimming down trees, etc., so there is no unwanted shading obstructs sunlight. An unwanted shadowing can bring about less generation of energy, therefore it is better to clear such obstruction. Even the falling of leaves on the solar panels may cause some hindrance in the generation of solar energy, so trimming the vegetation around the solar installation on a a timely basis will help solve such problems.

The Total Energy usage of Home

Before the installation of solar panels, one needs to know their previous 12 months total energy consumption. Knowing the consumption will help in determining how much solar energy generation capacity one need to install for their home.

Removal of High Energy Consumption Electronics

Usually latest electronic products available in the market come with less power consumption options. But earlier many products were not energy efficient as the technology didn't advance at that time. No doubt there is an abundance of solar energy to take upon for any consumption of electronic products, but the solar solutions also have a certain capacity to collect and produce energy. So if one has an electronic product which still works on earlier technology and consumes lot of energy then it is recommended that it should be replaced before the installation of the solar panels.

Up the level of Energy Efficiency of your home

As mentioned above, the solar panel has a certain limit to its production of energy unlike conventional source of energy, so supporting it with LED bulbs, LED tube lights and other low power consuming electronics helps the system of solar panels and use of energy from it further.

Research and know how the Solar Energy Solutions work

Getting solar solution in your residence is a huge step, as you are getting a whole new system to power your home. Before installing it, one should research all about it, from safety measures to the process it has to produce electricity. Tough these systems have in-built safety measures, but one still needs to know how it works so that any precautions required is addressed well in advance.


All these preparations before installing a solar rooftop or ground mounted installations at home are mandatory. These preparations will make the installation of solar system hassle-free. If say any complication occurs, it can be tackled before the installation itself or else after the installation it could lead to more complications. Overall, installing a solar energy solution is a smart decision, which would not only save money but also reduce your dependence on non-renewable energies. The solar rooftop sector in India is new, but still it is developing fast, and has a strong growth potential. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is in the process to formulate a new rooftop policy; it will begin with facilitating up to 10 MW of Rooftop Photovoltaic Solar Panels.

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